Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life is Like a Broken Mirror

I guess this old saying comes to light more with recent events in my life and I have to admit I feel so very stupid because I made assumptions about many things and they were totally wrong and for that I feel so bad.

When we look at ourselves in a normal mirror everything is where it should be, but you take a hammer and hit that mirror hard enough to break it then you will see the shards of your life... parts of time and space that can be called events within the fabric of your being - look closely and you will make some things out clearly but others you will have no idea about and that my friends is why life is like a broken mirror - because what we sometimes see and feel isn't what is really there.

I owe someone very important and special to me the biggest longest apology ever made and I hope that deep within her heart she can forgive this total and complete fool who let the demons of his past cloud his present and take a hammer to his mirror once more.

I would not blame her if she never ever forgave me but I know that after talking with her I feel so much better and far more clear than I have the past 24 or so hours.... thank you to the most amazing wonderful woman I know.

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