Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looking back...

I know that sometimes I wasn't the best person to talk to and we did drift apart but to be honest I think we may have needed that to realise just how much we mean to each other because even when you were not talking to me you were in my thoughts.

I don't know how much you thought of me or how many nights you would lay awake in bed thinking of the things we used to do, the things we talked of doing or how special our time was.  I guess I will never know just how much I mean to you and I do want to find out... and I know you mean a lot to me.

oh my been so long since I was here...

I have to admit I had gotten busy with so many things.. surgery and work are the main two and naturally things slip through, this site was one of them.

Mainly because the only person who meant anything in here rarely came here and I guess we lost each other for a bit but I was skimming through old things here and came across this again so I will be back to let the world know what is happening.