Sunday, September 27, 2009

Real friends, true friends.. and fake ones..

A friend is someone who we can talk to when we feel the need to.

A real friend is there to offer support and guidance, sometimes they will be right there with you but not always.
The true friend will be there with you every step of the way, usually in the thick of it right alongside you.
A fake friend will be there too, they don't help they just sit back and watch waiting for you to fall so they can laugh.

Real friends look out for you, help you with the little things and have fun with you when they can.
True friends are real friends but they are there for you when things are bad too, they even remember important stuff like your birthday and think of you as a part of them.
Fake friends are there when they want to be, they don't care about you but will have fun with you because it suits or benefits them.

A real friend will do things for you and get you things you can use, they generally like to get help in return.
Your true friend will do things and get stuff without asking why or expecting anything back.
Of course your fake friend might help but they'd usually give 20 question and expect payment in full as soon as possible.

When you're in trouble for some reason or another a real friend might step in and help but they might step back and not help, a true friend will be there beside you all the way making the best of it for you and a fake friend will just spread the rumours about you.


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