Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pain of Life...

Been having myself a bit of a bad run with things lately - which isn't unusual for me as I tend to have a bad run every now and then.  Of course I dunno exactly where to start now since I am a bit sore and so forth. I had a finger partially amputated in April last year and the surgeon left a small amount of bone there which is at present giving me grief, this is because that small piece of bone has bone spurs, little bone splinters that keep on growing and causing pain.

Add to this the fact that I had a bad tooth which I recently had checked, it had been sore for sometime and as it turned out it had a hole that had exposed a nerve so it was either root canal or extraction.  A root canal is expensive and doesn't always work so extraction was the best option, plus it was a Wisdom tooth so it was way down the back out of the way.  His neighbour also has a hole which will need fixing in a couple weeks.

Thirdly I now have a hernia, which is when a section of your intestines pushes through a hole caused by a tear or weakening in the muscle sheet that surrounds the stomach.  My hernia is close to my navel and would most likely be classed as a Reducible Umbilical Hernia, which is more common in pregnant women and newborn babies.  I got it by lifting this big gas cylinder and to be honest it felt like a light muscle strain at first but a couple days later it was really sore and then I noticed a bit of a bump, the bump is a sure sign of a hernia.

I have to admit I didn't think the hernia would be this uncomfortable or painful, and I am doing all I can to make it less painful (without using pain medication) because I would rather live in pain than become over reliant on drugs to survive like some people around this place. We have this guy who visits and if you pull out a panadol for a headache, he suddenly needs 2 for his headache and will be back every day for another 2 until the pack is empty.

At this time I have to admit I feel like someone has jabbed a baseball bat into my stomach above my belly button.  The pain is what is keeping me awake but eventually even that will succumb to the bodies need for sleep.  I know I can stay functional for 3 days with only an hours sleep here or there (one of many things I learnt when I was a soldier in the Army)


Friends are people you trust & respect as you would a trusted family member.  Some friends are amazing, they will go out of their way to help while others sit back uncaringly when all you need is positive words.

There are days we need our friends more than we realise & their words are comfort to us when we are down.  Sometimes it's something they can't help with but just knowing they care helps a lot.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What a WEEK...

Well it started out with me relaxing at home on a hot and steamy Sunday. It was still hot and steamy at 6:30am Monday morning when I arrived at work, the day only got hotter amd as it turned out the Tuesday and Wednesday were as bad with the temperature being in the low 40C range.  The first 3 days of the week were hot and filled with a variety of work related issues which were highly frustrating to say the least.

Thankfully Thursday was a better day kind of, for me waking up at 4am wasn't what I would like an nor was starting at 5:15am so as to get the important work completed... and I did my day of work ended at 5:30pm - so a mere 11 hours of work.  In that 11 hours I did a full 2 days of work - felt like I was running a never ending marathon to be honest. What makes it all the more amazing was the fact that this feat was accomplished on a day when the temperature was hovering so close to 40C for the afternoon and was 35C by 10am.

Friday wasn't much better temperature wise either - hovering over 35C and having a lot of work to get done, I have to admit getting home at 7pm after a day at work on a Friday is nobodies idea of 'fun'.  I was literally asleep on my feet, and of course I still had several hours of volunteer work to attend to, this was postponed until Saturday morning and as my week had been even a 'relaxing' morning turned to a stressful hell of a time.  Thank god things got better and I had a relaxing afternoon of fun in the sun.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

yudda yudda yudda

Time for some rather random ramblings, I have to admit these last few weeks have been pretty weird but I have been quite happy throughout them, considering that they have had a bit of pain & suffering I am feeling amazing.

For about a month I have had a bad toothache in a couple of my wisdom teeth which of course makes eating painful at times. Then there is my back which I have strained some muscles, I keep just plodding along and doing what I can just to keep the ball rolling so to speak.  I have an infection in a finger and have had that about a week and a half, but most recently I hurt my big toe.

I was playing cricket and got hit on the end of the toe by the cricket ball, it really hurt & I said a few unsavoury words and then got back to playing the game.  After I took my shoe off & the end of my sock had a dark red circle, so I knew that it had done some damage and then took the sock off.  The toe nail had torn and split and had a bit of blood over it, I know it was really sore and my instinct was to go and get it checked out at the hospital - well I did that and I will be going back today for an X-ray as the doctor thinks I may've fractured my big toe... OUCH is all I can say really.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010