Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This last year... (A Retrospective look)

Looking back this time last year I was a complete mess and things I had planned and desired had fallen down around my ears leaving me feeling lost, empty and somewhat alone.  Sure I had my family but that was all I really seemed to have as my friends seemingly deserted me like rats running from a sinking ship.

So for me 2009 started not so good and I guess it seemed to just plod quietly along for a couple months not really going here or there, then in April something happened that changed my world forever.  An accident at work took a small portion of my right index finger and that small accident has had ramifications throughout my life since.  The accident resulted in a partial amputation and the resultant surgery took about 3 months to get fully over.  The finger itself I feel hasn't yet quite fully recovered because even today it sometimes aches severely.

Anyway enough of the negatives as like all good things there is a balance of good and bad - Yin and Yang you could say.  That one good spark throughout all this time has been the lovely support and help of a truly amazing friend. When I have felt the lowest and darkest I could feel it was their smile and compassion that brought me back from the brink each time.  They have helped me when nobody else seemed to care and they have been there to listen to me tell of my many bad experiences in life.

I honestly hope that I have been there and helped them through their rough times, as I too know they have had them - sometimes though they have held back and I know they've done this for fear of upsetting me. To be totally honest what upsets me is the fact my friend still hasn't got sufficient faith in me.  Having spent time in the military I have learnt a few things about character & for this friend if it came down to it I would give my life to save theirs.

The best thing in my life this past year, or more accurately this last 3 years has been just one person and I am sure by this they will know exactly who they are.

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