Friday, January 1, 2010

01 01 10 - What a start to the new year...

Yes it is the start of a new year and already I have had a somewhat eventful one so I hope the year improves and slows down a little for me.  I was helping some friends who had a minor issue whilst camping about 125km from home, naturally being the caring person I am I went to their aid and we did have a win however the weather decided to turn just a little nasty on us and that made things interesting.  My friends camp is several kilometres from the nearest good road and the area is a river plain so when it is wet it's extremely muddy.

The conditions were lovely for a person with a 4WD the only thing is neither my friends or I have one, I have an SV6 Holden Commodore (the S stands for Sports and it is a little more like a race car than a normal car)  Lets just say my car had a very difficult time getting thru some of the muddy tracks. In one spot I was stuck for an hour as I used an old 4WD technique I was taught in the military to get out.  The next spot was a very big bit wetter as it was in an open  hollow and all the water collected there, this took 3 long hours of work to get thru and during this time I stopped to telephone a good friend as it had just gone the New Year for them, alas they didn't answer.

Having navigated those 2 I came across a mud slip, caused by a 4WD that had been bogged previously so naturally I got bogged in this as the mud on my tyres meant I had virtually no steering or traction so I had to go where the mud took me.  For this one I just had to wait a couple hours for things to dry out and simply drive out.  The most annoying frustrating thing is my car was covered in mud and I had to drive with badly vibrating steering because the hard caked mud had thrown the balance of my tyres out significantly, so much so I could only manage a maximum rate of speed at 4/5th's of the legal limit.  This was funny because me in my Sporty Sedan was being passed by Grandmothers in their little 4 Cylinder Shoe Box cars and they were loving it.

I finally got myself to a car wash where I could clean the underside of my car and the tyres so at the least I had better travel times etc.  I spent 20 minutes cleaning the wheel arches and underside of my car.  With this done I was back to normal speed and those who had smiled passing me now were getting passed back, the ironic thing is that one of the people that passed me was towing a boat on a trailer, they must've stopped for a McDonald's breakfast (not very healthy) or something as I managed to pass them about 5 minutes after washing my cars exterior.

I have to get the interior detailed as it is covered in mud and muck and I had 3 pairs of shoes which in the end were all muddied as well as my nice new singlet and some of my other clothes I got for Christmas. I guess I will have to wash them all, but that is ok really as it is fun washing things when the weather is warm as I like to enjoy splashing around in the cool water and being silly.  Of course I am still covered in dried up mud and in desperate need of a shower so I will go and do that and maybe come back and do my next blog which will be something of importance for me.

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