Monday, December 28, 2009

The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes....

Have you ever gone through a really bad run and thought it couldn't get worse only to suddenly have something bad happen to make you think well gee I guess it could.  I've been there a few times before but this isn't about that bad things in life, instead it is about rebirth and starting anew.  The last few days have been somewhat strange to say the least, I've done a little drawing, a little soul searching and a lot of contemplation.

Having my internal clock out of whack has meant I've been awake late at night with few people around but my own thoughts and this has normally been such a bad thing for me because I usually find bad memories which corrupt my good thoughts.  The funny thing is the other day I wasn't feeling the best and to be honest all the food I ate that day I could hold in my hand, I did however drink a rather large volume of liquid.  This included milk, carbonated beverages, juices and water.  After that rather ill stint I felt somewhat drained and listless for a day and needed to really rest as well. 

Having been so lacking in motivation and energy one could easily pass me off as dead... but now I am full of energy and life once more hence the symbolism of the Phoenix, it dies in the fire only to be reborn from the ashes of what remains.  Today for example I got myself up a bit late had some breakfast did some cleaning watched some TV, did some more cleaning,  played a game on my computer and did even more cleaning and then decided to go online to see who was about in the world to talk to.

Unfortunately there wasn't really anybody about to talk to and it was pretty bland and boring so I decided to check up a few sites, look at my profiles here and there and then write a blog - naturally the energy I have is still flowing pretty good and my brain happens to be moving faster than my fingers can type so I am backspacing and retyping a lot.  I haven't had this kind of mental drive for a long time, so long in fact that I fail to remember when it was.  The good thing about it is the fact that right now I am so calm and relaxed and every tiny bit of energy that is flowing is all good.

I watched a few movies last night, Transformers 2 and Edward Scissorhands, I know they are worlds apart but they share something in common, many people probably are currently scratching their heads thinking I am mad but they both have a positive message about belief. Faith is something that many people pass of as something for religion but I have to agree with a close relative of mine who says that faith is more about self belief than that of a higher being for if there was a God, why does the Bible fail to mention the existence of dinosaurs?

We all have heard of the Arabian Nights, a series of stories from ancient times, stories about Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves or the most famous one of Aladdin.  It is becoming more and more apparent that the Bible is just the same as the Arabian Nights, a series of stories from around the Ancient World.  This can be even supported by several facts now known to modern man. One is the bible is only set in the Ancient worlds of Rome, Egypt, Syria and the Middle East an area we like to refer to as the cradle of civilisation. 

It fails to mention such lands as the Americas, Asia, Australia, Antarctica and a large portion of Europe, it does focus primarily on the Mediterranean Sea and that seems to be it as well.

Ok - I realise I went on a bit of a rant there - had so much energy both mental and physical floating around that it was a little hard to control.  But now after a bit of a chill out I think I have myself back in check once more and ready to blog.

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