Monday, December 28, 2009

Broken Promises...

Each year we make a New Years Resolution, in essence a promise to ourselves and many of us break that promise because we don't have the dedication or will power to sustain that promise and when we fail in our quest we effectively break that promise we made to ourselves.  The promise may last for a few days, weeks or months but in all we break it mainly because we don't keep reminding ourselves of it.

A friend has come up with a wonderful and novel idea... put your resolution online and then you can remind yourself of it each time thereby enabling you to not lose your resolve or break your promise.  I will most likely look at putting my resolution online as well where I can remind myself each week or day that I need to remind myself of what it is I resolve to do.

I have promised myself to get myself physically back on track many times before and each time I have lost motivation and direction whereas this year will be different. I will have the internet and I am sure my friends will help keep me in check this time.  I really need to get my fitness back and that will have a snowball effect and help reduce any potential health risks I may be heading for. 

The thing is I have seen charts that have what is called a BMI, this is a useful tool however much of the time this tool is infact inaccurate.  I have seen professional athletes, with minimal body fat be classified as overweight, that is because the BMI doesn't take into consideration a few simple scientific factors.  The main one being that muscle is generally denser and therefore can in fact be heavier than fat.  To accurately tell if someone is overweight really some measure of the fat their body has is required.

Enough of that for now as I am losing track of where I was going... we always seem to break our promises be it to ourselves or others and I for one do not like breaking promises - those I make to my friends I don't make lightly others may flippantly say yeah I'll do that - with no intention of really following thru, then when chipped on it they usually remark back that they forgot.

If I put the words "I promise you" to anything then that is something I fully intend to follow up on, because if I break that I break my promise to a friend and that is something I hope I never do because friendship is very important to me, as are a lot of the other relationships we have in our lives.  My family and friends are very important to me and they do really mean the world to me.. some naturally are more vital and valuable than others.

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