Friday, December 25, 2009

.... oh so relaxed

I've had a relaxing day of just lazing about in bed then having a lovely lunch and just lazing about in bed some more.  I even got a couple hours sleep in too which was divine before I got a phone call to tell me that my mother was getting dinner ready and my presence was requested.

I had another meal and like normal we seem to get them dished out with a big excavator at Christmas as my mother always goes over board, I guess it wouldn't be Christmas if she didn't  The food that is left over could easily do for a few more days as long as it doesn't go off.  The meat was a bit much I mean how much does she think we eat?  Even now 2 and a half hours after eating my stomach is still rebelling saying please don't do that again.

I have slept more in the last 2 days than I can remember doing at anytime, mind you I am so very relaxed and that helps me sleep especially when everything seems to be right in my world for a change.  After all I have some of the most amazing friends and a pretty cool family but there are times that even they don't seem to be able to help me when I feel bad.  Lately I've been so relaxed because I've cleared my mind of all the bad things for once, even the things that normally keep me awake at night worrying are no longer a bother at this time.  There are a couple amazing people I really must thank and one of them will know who they are just by reading this, the other I will thank when I see them online next for she lives in the US and isn't always able to be contacted due to the time difference we have.

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