Monday, November 2, 2009

work... sometimes it's better to be sick

we all do it but sometimes we would rather be doing something else, students whine about school and how they hate their teachers coz they are tough.  Bill Gates (Mr. Microsoft) said once that teachers are easy, just wait until you get a boss.

Of course work is sometimes easy and sometimes hard, we get paid for it and sometimes we aren't paid what we are worth while others are paid way too much for their lack of skills or knowledge. Take where I work for example a simple business that manufactures a series of products for the national and international markets and of course they were silly enough to expore to China so now they have a similar cheaper product to compete with that is of a lesser quality thankfully.

I should get to the point of this blog now I guess... anyway I started work at 6:30am and I work in a large steel framed shed with corrugated iron for walls and the roof. This lovely shed has zero air conditioners and has just 3 big industrial fans.  I work with steel and generally have to weld and grind the material to create the product which in itself is normally rather hot work.  Today I finished at 4:30pm and during the day listened to the radio station giving the local weather forecast and at 3:00pm the temperature was 41 degrees Celsius (105.8 Fahrenheit for those that use the old measure)  normal safe working practices require staff to stop when temperatures exceed 37 Celsius (98.7 Fahrenheit)

I've worked in that shed when the temperature in my personal work space was 45.3 Celsius, (113.5 Fahrenheit) - I kept working because the orders don't stop coming in, the irony here is a machine we use to cut the steel is run by computer and when it is operated in temperatures over 37 degrees it can overheat and cause a wide range of problems for us to deal with.  Whereas a person works slow and steady getting the job done correctly, so sometimes machines aren't worth it.

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