Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pain and suffering

The last few weeks have been somewhat draining with work and I thought it was time to do a small run down of each of my aches and pains since today I played cricket and didn't have too fun a day.  I have sore feet and ankles from working on hard hot concrete floors all day long, the lack of impact insulation has really left my feet aching.

I've got tight muscles in my back and shoulders from working extra hard and long hours. To be honest I think the sorest part of those is my right shoulder.  This was exacerbated by also doing ground and pitch preparations for cricket, the Roller for the pitch isn't engineered right and it is too heavy so if it slows down too much you have a tougher time moving it or getting it moving again.  Having to move and push that hulk  only added to the sore back n shoulder by adding in more tight muscles around those that were already sore.  Add to that now a stiff neck from the shoulder and the lower back muscles being sore now too.

Last weekend I reinjured 3 of my fingers on my right hand, these I had hurt a week and a half before when I got hit by a cricket ball in a defensive reflex action.  It was a cricket ball that reinjured them during a match this time, and since then each of those fingers have been painful and I can't close my hand properly either so that makes work also painful too.  A couple times today I again hit these fingers and can see bruising around a couple of the knuckles today too, so another ouch.

I was wicketkeeping, which is a bit like being a catcher in baseball without all the protective gear, and I got hit by a ball that rose sharply. It was too quick a rise for my hands to meet it and got past my gloves and crashed into my collar bone with a very loud sharp thud. A close fieldsman said he heard how hard it hit said I know that one hurt bad but I didn't go off, I continued on still hurting but never quiting.

Of course earlier in the day I had batted before taking the field, this was also difficult because my hand was aching so it meant that I lacked some control and a little bit of the essential concentration to play good shots, it was because of this that I got hit 4 times, once in the lower stomach, once in the left thigh and twice in the right thigh, with 2 on my right thigh being right next to each other making a laying down 8 ( the infinity symbol)

At this rate I will probably need somebody to knock me out so that I will be able to sleep soundly tonight.

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