Friday, November 6, 2009

yay I am happy

I'm being CAREFUL because sometimes we do sometimes come across IGNORANCE, normally this is when someboy is PLAYING GOD.

I know it strange but our lives can be likened to building a house, each day, week, month etc could be a single brick in this house and it gets built one BRICK BY BORING BRICK at a time.  If bad things in our life could be shut out by throwing a switch we would TURN IT OFF. 

Sometimes we find love and other times it finds us, THE ONLY EXCEPTION is when it is found simultaneously between two people. Sometimes we find someone only to find another person who we feel is better and we end up FEELING SORRY and LOOKING UP to WHERE THE LINES OVERLAP in relationships because they get blurred when friends can be more than we want them to be.

Even now we can be harrassed by the MISGUIDED GHOSTS of our past which try to illuminate our present and ALL I WANTED was to DECODE the message that they have brought thru in my dreams.

(Have a look at the CAPITALS - they will help you see better.... since they have given you BRAND NEW EYES.... LOL)

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