Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I want to tell you about something that happened to me today at work, it was a little unfortunate but a lot funny.

We have a large metal cutting saw which we use on a daily basis to cut high volumes of metal to the right length for us to do our work.  Anyway we had a guy running the saw filling in as the normal guy who runs it wasn't there.  The saw had a problem so I went over to fix that up and then restarted it, only to find the pump wasn't pushing out the cooling liquid. 

As a result some investigation was needed, the liquid tank is 100 litres, but the reason it didn't flow was a lack of liquid, the other issue was all the really fine metal filings that had filled up the tank, this took a bit of cleaning out and in the end I had to refill the tank.

We only have like a 10 litre bucket and the tank was gonna take about 7 or 8 bucket fulls of the cooling liquid, which we have to make up using a meaasuring cup and a lot of water.  Anyways the process of doing the mixing is aided by a sink and in the course of my travels I managed to tangle my bucket up with my tap and sink. This resulted in a tipped bucket and me wearing about 4 litres of liquid right down my front.  The bucket managed to release the liquid at the top of my belt and down the front of my pants across my groin and down the inner legs.

Not a very good look believe me and worst of all was the fact that under garments also got wet so not only did I look like I had to be toilet trained again I actually felt like I needed to have my pants changed as everything got wet... it was a laugh for everyone there and I spent the next hour or so with wet pants.

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