Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh my what a day that was...

I went to bed last night with the air conditioner on and a sheet over me to keep the cool air off because I cannot afford to get a chill and end up sick.  I was awakened by my alarm at 5am, got up showered and got ready for work then went outside, I was greeted by a warm blast of air as I opened the door to the outside world.  I got in my car and my brother got in the passenger seat and we drove to work.

I got to work and found that we were a man down already, that only made things worse as that meant 2 of us were doing the work of 3 people.  As it stood this morning I had 2 days work to get out in 1 and being a man down pushed that out more because it slowed normal production down as we were covering other areas.  Still as normal we are expected to get our daily figures out and manage to cover the gap by working a lot harder (and be expected to do that on a wage that barely covers the Federal Award conditions)

It was also hot and the shed I work in is open to the heat as it has no air conditioning, just fans that blow the already hot air around the shed.  The fans are not for our comfort either, they are intended to keep the machines cool so they can run efficiently and cost effectively for the business.  Fat lot of good that will do when the people running them pass out because of heat stress. I was in fact close to passing out a few times today, I crashed into a few items of steel and hurt an already very sore finger several times.

I'm not saying that it was just hot I mean it was hot - 40C (104F) at lunchtime in the shade, which there wasn't too much of near my shed.  And that hot sun was beating down on the steel walls of my shed slowly turning it into a giant sauna.  I finished working my 10 hours as we have been doing that the past few weeks so as to catch up where we are falling behind, but it doesn't work when you go men down to start the day.

At the end of the day I had to have my brother drive the car as I was in no state to drive, I was almost out on my feet and I slept about 95% of the trip home.  Even now it's taking me ages to write this as I keep nodding off.  I'm stiff, sore, tired, drained (physically from work and emotionally coz of other stuff) and I really need a certain friend but it seems they aren't there.  I guess I will have to continue to suffer and hope they realise just how badly I need to talk to them at this time.  :'(

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