Saturday, November 21, 2009

oh I love that sound...

I'm relaxing on my bed, and I'm home all alone in silence listening to the ebb and flow of the rain as it starts out light then gets heavy and moves to a more steady constant tone. I have my window open just a peek so that the aroma can softly waft inside as the gentle smell of rain is so amazing and to be honest yesterday before it even rained I could smell it was coming.

The gentle drumming on the tin roof is so very calming and could easily put me to sleep, kinda like the white noise you get when your TV doesn't have a channel signal.  The sound of the rain has this magical effect, it's able to calm a troubled mind whilst lightly sedating us without our knowledge.

I love how certain simple things calm me and put a smile on my face... storms and the rain do it but they are unpredictable and you can't always get them when they're needed most.  One thing that lifts me up n gets me smiling is a special lady, just her being around makes me feel better & to be honest I've never felt that before in my life...

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