Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh my goodness

Talk about a bit of a weird morning, I woke up because the damn sun was peeking thru my curtain and hitting me on the face.  When finally I was awake enough I came to realise that my room had been invaded overnight by these little black and grey bugs, they were everywhere even crawling on me in my bed for crying out loud.  So I decided it was KILL THE BUGS time as they were so damn annoying, I couldn't relax as they were on me every single second and sometimes more than one.

Anyway I decided to get the fly spray, I picked it up and low and behold it was almost totally empty, it gave a couple weak sprays and that was it. I needed more, I looked in the lounge, kitchen and all the other rooms and finally found some in my brothers room.  While there I noticed his room was invaded too and it also had another visitor, a big brown Huntsman Spider the size of my palm just happened to be on his bed right where his head normally would be but he was away for the evening.

I left him be and went after these darn annoying bugs I mean they get in your ears and up your nose they are so infuriating. I sprayed those in my brothers room and my room and then decided to go thru the rest of the house to be sure... on closer inspection they had invaded every room even the toilet wasn't safe from them.  I needed to get outside for some fresh air and low and behold they were everywhere outdoors but not as thick or as annoying as they were inside.

I decided to get away for a while and went for a small walk of about a kilometre and then came home to a much less annoying and not as invaded house. I couldn't have breakfast with the bugs around or even do the laundry that is how bad they were, to be honest I felt bad having to kill them but it was the quickest and easiest way to alleviate the problem as it was just so many.

I think the spider may have also got a bit of the spray for the bugs too, I couldn't find him when I got back after my walk and I think he may have crawled off some place to die.  I don't like killing spiders as they are cool coz they help keep the annoying bugs away plus my dad is mega scared of them and squeals like a girl when he sees one. I told him we had one here and for some reason he didn't want to come and visit when I asked him to.

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