Saturday, November 14, 2009


I didn't work today but easily could have, I instead relaxed and slept in sort of and I have been rather comfy with how I spent my morning.  Now after a long tiring day out in the hot sun I have aching muscles and joints but the discomfort is worth it, I had a real blast.

I feel tired physically because it managed to get quite hot and nasty out but I was pretty sensible although I did forget sunscreen on my arms a couple times.. oh well I have had them sunburned before and I will just have to put up with it won't I.  I am actually a bit thirsty so I will just go n grab a drink n be right back for more blogging.

That's better I feel a little more refreshed and think I might have gotten a bit too dehydrated today but that really is only one person's fault ... mine, I obviously didn't drink enough earlier in the day to compensate for the draining heat.  I did ok at cricket but was given out on a bit of a dodgy call, which also happens too and the guy that did the call was a bit of an ass anyway and seems to be getting bigger.

I think I'll leave this blog there as I'm rambling and it has no real point to it now...

OUCH CRAMP... in my right foot... aww it hurts oooowwwww

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