Saturday, November 14, 2009

HMMM big stretch....

Good morning world, it is 7am on  a warm yet sunny Saturday morning and the sun is peeking thru a gap in my curtains and happened to wake me up. I had my best night sleep for a while last night and I feel really relaxed and positive about the day ahead.  I'm currently being lazy and just laying in my bed but I really should get up and do some stuff like have breakfast but I dunno what to have as I just have too many yummy things to choose from.

I have cricket this afternoon and the team looks pretty damn good today thanks to a bit of help from the 1st team, I have to admit being Captain of the 2nd team can sometimes be a hassle but we have a policy.... It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you have FUN. So far we haven't won a game but that is because we have a large volume of junior players and that is why the philosophy is to have fun as they don't need the stress of WIN, WIN, WIN.

I seriously need a shave, but since I've been working long hours and so forth I couldn't be bothered with it and I thought well I will do it on the weekend and since it's here now I guess I should look at doing it coz right now it has that horrible itch to it and I have to admit it's really annoying.  Of course after that I will have either a nice long soaking bath or a lovely warm shower, I just can't decide what at this time.  Ohhh just interrupted my typing with a big long stretch, to get my muscles etc working again, like they need prompting after the week of work I've had.

Speaking of muscles, I've been formulating a workout regimen as I feel totally fat n lazy, because I haven't really done anything much exercise wise since my accident in April.  But that is gonna change now as I think I'll keep the 5am wake ups so I can exercise in the cool once caught up with all the damn work.  It'll be different in winter of course... I think it will be 5pm exercise sessions then LOL.

As I'm typing my hears are being treated to the melodious sounds of an angelic voice which is mixed up with the strong music of a wonderful band called Paramore.  I know that Hayley is amazing, she sounds awesome and looks good and her man is so lucky to have such a sought after girl.  Personally I wish I had someone too, I kinda did but things didn't work out there for some reason and to be honest I still love her, but I know we are too far apart for anything to work at this time.  I will always care about her because she was and in many ways still is a very important part of my life as she is my most valued friend and the one person who I feel I can tell anything to.  She already knows more of my secrets than any person alive, apart from me.

I've got a heap to do but my main tasks this morning are to relax, get myself cleaned up and get ready for Cricket this afternoon... I hope to have a good day and really do hope that we have a win but if we don't that's ok too because in the big wide scheme of things winning isn't really that important, having a good fun time is.

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