Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy, happy, joy, joy...

Ok today has been a strange one to say the least, I spent it waking around 7:30 and that is unusual because it was a day off and normally I can sleep in.  I didn't have any special plans for the day to be honest and I was just gonna pretty much wing it all day long.  I started off doing a little work, designing some stuff for the local cricket club that goes in the local pub.  I got most of it done but got a case of  'that'll do for now' and just sat back and listened to music for a while.

I watched a movie, had a bit of a nap as I was still tired after the events of yesterday, having worked long hours on a very hot day. That not only had me weakened physically but also mentally and normally this is when I am at my most vulnerable, thankfully nothing happened today to upset my normally delicate balance when I am vulnerable.  I was so relaxed and calm today for some reason and I have a feeling that part of it is do to do with things that have been going thru my mind for the past few weeks and so forth.

The many things are all good things and my life seems to finally be realigning itself onto the right course.  I'm drawing again which is a sign that mentally I am back to my old self, as is the listening to music lots and just relaxing.  Being artistic and creative is how I relax, I haven't written many poems since last year or done any story writing but I know it isn't far away.

To be honest the more elaborate my dreams are at night the more I feel my creative mind is finally getting itself back into a rythmn that will be overflowing with creativity in no time flat... then look out world.

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