Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well today I started it by waking up at 4am, to be honest I have no idea why I was up that early so I tried to get back to sleep and had one of those sort of half sleep things, kinda like a power nap.  I got up at 5a, when my alarm was beeping at me, had my shower and got myself set for the day ahead.  It was like every other day but it was a better day than normal because I felt PDG (Pretty Damn Good).

I had breakfast, went to work and had a coffee to help kickstart my day because I was feeling a little flat and needed something to kick me into gear. I started working and got items ready to make the custom orders that I usually do each day... normally it is pretty boring stuff and today was no different, in fact the only difference was the sounds coming from the radio.

I worked, had my morning break and worked again before having lunch.  I had myself some lovely yummy beef noodles and some fruit juice before craving a chocolate bar so I went to the machine and got a Peppermint Aero - oh it was just what they needed.  Of course I would have preferred a Crunchie, they are so darn yummy.  I finished lunch went back to work and worked until the siren sounded to end the days work.

I came home and relaxed listening to some music, Bullet for my Valentine, Disturbed and a few other bands just to relax and wind down... just like I used to every day for so long, so long ago.  It is great to be back into old habits and back into the swing of things.

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