Sunday, November 29, 2009

... flying high up among the clouds...

The last couple days I have been rather in a strange mood, I've pretty much cleaned not only my room but a large portion of the house.  In doing so I also rearranged my cupboards so I can better find my clothes as I have a wide range of nice clothes from Mossimo, 26 Red, JAG and Quiksilver just to drop a few names.

The really funny thing is some of my most favourite tops are from Target, these tops have a plain simple elegance and I have to admit I think they suit me. I tend to go for the not too flash things although if it's flashy & I like it then I might get it. Having done that I also went out and did a little "shopping for self" even though Christmas isn't too far off. I purchased a few small items and only spent $50 on myself when I was tempted to spend an extra $100 or so.

I had a splurge at the supermarket too... I brought some cookies, ice cream, chocolate and fruit - Pink Lady Apples and some seedless grapes... yummy.  I have had an ice cream and some grapes so far and I must say they were delicious.  I will take an apple with me for lunch tomorrow along with my beef noodles and Crunchie chocolate bar.

I guess I should end this up and get some sleep since I will be awake in about 7 hours and at work in 8 and a half.  It's been a long few weeks work wise but the overtime pay is very handy at this time of year too.

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