Monday, October 12, 2009

what a day...

I started of having trouble geting to sleep this morning & think I was there sometime after 1am the thing is that I had to be up a 7am (on a Sunday) to play in a regional sporting carnival and left home just after 8am.

The carnival started at 9am with the first game about 9:30... each game takes 3 hours roughly and I played in 2 preliminary rounds and the final.The carnival was a 20-20 cricket carnival & my team had some extra players that we passed off to a team which had trouble getting players.  I was one & played my preliminary rounds with them as one of the most vital fielders & one of the teams most important batsmen.  I played well in both matches & was pretty heavily involved in field placings.  Unforunately we lacked good consistant bowlers & the inexperience of the boys showed.

Our main focusd was to play the games, do our best & most importantly have fun. I had a great deal of fun & was smiling consistantly all day long. Also it was good playing alongside guys from other areas, getting to know them & share a laugh with them as well.  I played for my normal team in the final against a very quality team with a national representative, an honorary national representative and 3 state representatives, we just had one state representative as our other one was injured before the game.

The match finished after 10:30pm.... and presentations followed that... I got home about 11:30pm and felt very stiff and sore as well as suffering from some sunburn as well. I actually have aches I didn't know I could get

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