Saturday, October 10, 2009


Have you ever noticed how everyones life is far more complex & intricate than the simple daily routine we like to think it is.  We like to make life seem simple enough... we're born, we grow old & die.  But if you look at it really that isn't all we do, we learn, undertake jobs, play sports and do so much more.

Thru our life we pay taxes, most buy a house, a car and invest continually in material things like furniture & clothes.  We fall in and out of love many times, we sometimes even get married more than once too... so how can anything in this life really be simple?  Some of us even have children, they add to the complexities of life, others even look after parents when they've gotten on a bit. 

Of course we have to deal with horror in our lives - we lose friends and family throughout our lives... some die others just seem to fall by the wayside and if that's not enough we can get thrown "curve balls" as we grow.

Broken bones, cars that need repair, unexpected bills, motor accidents and the like.

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