Saturday, October 31, 2009

what a day I've had...

Well my day started at 6am, when I went over to the cricket oval to see how bad the storm last night had wet the pitch.  I checked the pitch and it was pretty damp so I contacted our wet weather contact and advised him that it looked doubtful for juniors and would most likely be a late start for senior cricket.

His response was I'll be out at 8am but we can't really make a decision until each coach confers as it is the second week of a 2 day game. Naturally I had a feeling it would be called off but the decision wasn't mine to make really.  Of course I get abused by some jackass whose kid played for the away team, coz he traveled 90 minutes to the match, when he could've easily used the lesser roads and done it in 45 minutes with his big flash 4WD.

But because it was a second week technically the decision was a joint one and not just mine, I told him this but he was still unhappy.  What an arrogant man he was, he has his kid chasing glory at a top junior club when we could easily have supported a struggling club closer to home.  Anyway I told him if he had an issue with it he should take it up with his club and the Association, in a way I hope he does as I will have a very nicely worded rebuttal for his complaint.

That was over and done then I had to front up to my match, so far this year our 2nd XI hasn't been at full strength but we have improved markedly with the addition of a couple more senior players, last week it was a case of 3 adult and only I had sufficient cricket knowledge to umpire, this week however we had 5 adults with 4 of them having sufficient cricket knowledge to umpire.  Last week our team of 11 had 8 juniors - with 5 being Under 14. 

This week we had 6 juniors with 3 being Under 14 and we performed much better, naturally last week was bad because we only made 50 runs, this week however we ended up making 183 but that wasn't enough as our opposition with only 1 Under 16 player made a massive 305. We are getting better but we need a few more senior boys to take a bit more of the pressure of the young fellows.

Right now I am a bit sunburned, rather stiff and sore and very tired to say the least... I hope I have a good night sleep.

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