Friday, October 30, 2009


Today it was a stinking hot day but I'm glad it was because now it's better than cool... it's awesome.  Why you might ask, that's easy one word... STORM.  The wind is gentle and the rain is somewhat intermittent but that is ok as I've been busy watching the sky for long white streaks of light that periodically show themselves.  The evidence that they are about can be heard in the large loud rumblings that follow their brilliant light display, mind you I've been lucky enough to witness some amazing storm activity close up.

I've seen lightning strike a tower that had a base just 150 metres from me, that's nothing compared to my dad who actually witnessed his brother get struck and survive.  All that remained was a small scar that my dad said resembled a z but to be honest it looked more like an N.  As it turns out that evening I witnessed the tower getting hit a mates place had a hole punched in the roof & my parent's house had the air conditioner hit (that was all from the same storm last year).

3 years ago we had another of our massive storms, it took out power for 2 days in the middle of summer, all I can say is thank god for the lake as the water was divine. I was at the local pub the night of that storm and we all ended up drinking by gas lantern n candle light.  Just like they did before we had electricity to power our lights and so forth.  As it turns out we lose power during most of our storms, usually it's for a second or two when the lines are struck by lightning someplace pretty close by.

It had gone out here today as we had touch lamps on when we got home & the clocks on the microwave etc were flashing too. It's still pretty warm and thankfully I have been able to shower n change out of my hot work clothes (long sleeve shirt and jeans) into cool relaxing shorts n t-shirt.... feel much better now too.

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