Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That is so weird....

Last night I was talking to someone who happens to be so very special to me & we have shared so many things with each other. Personally I have told her more about me than any living person & she has slowly opened herself up to me more & more.

I'm glad that she's been able to open up and discuss things with me as it has so many benefits & can in fact make life far more bearable.  The things we've talked about are both deep & personal and this isn't the reason I'm writing this.

Anyway to the weird point... we both had dreams last nigth and it seems that last night we had some sort of mental bond because we both sort of had the same dream... even the details seemed the same... I didn't finish mine as my alarm woke me out of my sleep - but she finished her dream and said it was very detailed.  Mine was too what I can remember but again I think we will share that ourselves.... :)

The weird fact is that we both had the same dream and had good days while still remembering the dream...

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