Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dreams... Part 1

I guess everyone has read the previous blog about a shared dream... well they were one night - the following evening... last night I had 2 dreams both nice and both very calming.  The main subject of both dreams was in fact one very special lady and these dreams were in no way pornographic or anything like some guys might be hoping.

The first dream was in fact all about 4 people sitting in a lounge room play games on Xbox or Playstation... me, my lady friend and 2 associates.  As the night progressed my lady friend and I sat quietly on the sofa she rested her head against my shoulder while the male and female associate played games.  A little while later she had repositioned herself and her head was now resting on my chest, the next things I knew was that she had ended up asleep.  I didn't want to move and wake her so I stayed there quietly watching her sleep, she was so very peaceful and so very relaxed.

About 30 minutes later the male and female associate finished the game and turned to see me sitting there silently watching her sleep.  The male said, "You know you can wake her up mate!" I whispered back "No I'd rather let her sleep as she looks so cute and peaceful."  The couple just lightly laughed and grabbed a pillow and a blanket... I got the pillow and the blanket was placed over us both gently so as not to wake her.

I don't know when it was that I feel asleep but I did... the dream shifted to the morning and I was awaken by the lady who was gently shaking my shoulder.... "Did you stay out here all night?" Sleepily I replied, "Yeah she was so cute n peaceful and I couldn't bare to wake her up."  As I sat there the male came out and said, "Gee, you should've put her to bed and gone yourself" I said "Nah, I preferred this actually"

Soon the smell of breakfast cooking was wafting thru the room and with that my sleeping beauty stirred and woke.. rubbing her eyes she asked.. "Is it morning?" I said "yeah, you fell asleep and I didn't want to wake you coz you looked so cute" She blushed and removed the blanket, got up and put it over my head... and I woke up.

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