Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Right on the money

I recently read this love horoscope for me which is for today and it's right on the money I feel because I've been looking to reconnect with someone that I miss very much.

The people that mean the most to you in your life, such as your family or children, are going to be your focus today, Libra. Anything or anyone that you hold near and dear is going to be emphasized today, and you may simply need to reach out for support today. If you have been feeling a little confused or lost regarding your romantic situation, today would be a good day to simply regroup with someone who loves you and get your feet back on the ground. You can be admired and appreciated for all that love has to offer you, but today you may simply need a break from thinking about it. This is not a melancholy period, but rather one where you can use the energy and love from others to regroup you back on your romantic track.

I know it can be tough, I have to deal with them being so far away and so very much out of reach.  It's never easy dealing with the fact that someone you care about is unable to see you smile, hear you laugh or experience the warmth of a simple hug when it's something they need from you so badly.

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