Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dreams... Part 2

The second dream was somewhat interesting too... I started with me picking my lady friend up from the airport and taking the drive home... this allowed us to talk and catch up on things we had missed out on in each others lives recently.  It was soon lunch time so we had a meal at a restaurant and she was happy to be eating a lovely salad and some chinese noodles.

We finished the meal and I took her to see a movie and we sat quietly in the cinema eating popcorn and watching some movie.. it looked like it was a Twilight movie, maybe New Moon, or even later Eclipse.  We watched the movie and afterwards in the car we picked it apart while comparing it with the book and we looked at this difference and that and were both rather critical of the way it was done as it strayed too far from the book for our liking.

Later on we walked by the lake and the next day by the river and we had a lovely relaxing time together and it was nice, watching the sunset over the lake one evening she kissed me and that was when I woke up.

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