Saturday, October 3, 2009

Late nights

I was online and only just checked the time... 12:30am which lately has been a standard get to sleep time.  Tonight I wanted to be up so that I could talk with someone special but I almost went to sleep a couple times at my laptop coz she wasn't online.  I was just about to go when a friend of hers came on.

Now we (the friend n me ) are talking about all sorts of random things... It was also when I found out that my special someone was at her friends... which is cool too but to be honest I would've much rathered be there with them playing PlayStation etc.  I am to be honest a bit envious as I can tell that they are having a ball there while I'm home laying in bed feeling a little alone and a bit left out. That's because it seems that I have no real life to speak of that's why I happen to be here at all hours.

I really don't feel tired but that's normal when a specific person is involved.. for some reason time stands still & I find this extra energy .... I think she is the source as thinking of her helps me get thru long boring work days.  Today more than any I should be tired as now been awake 22 hours without conditioning but I probably will crash pretty hard when I do

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