Friday, October 2, 2009

Isn't it weird...

Ok right now here it's 4:32 in the morning & I'm wide awake all because I was woken up by my brother... silly thing is he could easily have left me a message or something but NO..... he had to wake me & tell me.  So now I'm laying warm & snug in my bed all alone (apart from this big brown Taz teddy bear) thinking of someone I care so very much about because they are so amazing.  Of course she also happens to be awake now which is quite strange in itself.

I'm smiling as I think of her lovely silken brown hair with the bits of red mixed thru it... her sweet big brown puppy dog eyes that are so soft and caring... but most of all I see her gorgeous smile which is enough to melt my heart every time I see it.  I know she once said she loved me, which is something she doesn't say lightly or too often...  I also know that she still cares for me far more than she is letting on because I know that she still has many secrets that she still hasn't fully trusted me with.

I may have lost some of that trust recently because I went thru a very bad patch & eneded up hurting her... worst of all was the fact I ended up doubting her.. when I would easily put my life in her hands because I trust her that much.  I've only ever trusted 1 person more than her and that's myself, I did trust someone else almost as much as her.... that person destroyed my trust & now is dead to me ... officially as of right now,

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