Saturday, September 19, 2009

what a crazy week...

I had a bit of an emotional roller coaster during this week, mainly mid week but you get that when work is busy, you have so much on your mind and haven't really been sleeping properly.

Today was strange coz I slept really well and woke up at the time I'd normally get up for work, but I don't work Saturdays unless we have a big order or something that requires it. I just lay in bed for like an hour or so and found that I couldn't get back to sleep.

I was going to visit my sister but my mum came over about the time I was due to leave and told me she wasn't home so that ruined those plans for that part of the day. I had a few things planned to do and they would've taken me until lunchtime to do, since my sister wasn't home the tasks I set aside for the afternoon were done in the morning.

I then decided to try and get some rest this after noon but that was to no avail, so now I am way tired and a little bit grumpy. I guess I could be called easily irritable and the main reason would be a serious lack of sleep because so much is going on inside my head right now and I feel as though my head just wants to pop right off my shoulders.

Some things have irritated me the last week none more so than people saying they will do one thing and then not doing it, that was the breaking point today as I had made plans with my sister over the last 2 days and she said ok then wasn't home. It changed my entire days plans because to go to her house is 45 minutes and the return is the same - I had planned to do shopping and the like as well but that was cancelled too.

Instead now I will probably do my shopping etc tomorrow and lose half of that day doing other stuff as well, will lose part of the day with Cricket training but that is expected and also have a bit of administrative work to do as well. These were calculated and the loss of a couple hours today throws part of tomorrows plans out the window as well.

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