Wednesday, September 23, 2009

isn't it funny...

yesterday was a bit crazy, but then again so was today. Yet throughout today I felt really good and very special for some reason, I attributed that reasion initially to one thing but I've come to realise it was more than that. I found that it was a collection of things which when studied closely all were linked to one aspect of my life. That part of my life is the one thing that makes me truly happy and couldn't be any more evident than it was for a few hours this afternoon.

I also found myself feeling totally amazing all afternoon just from the euphoria I had for several hours, a euphoria that still lingers now. It's probably because the reason I felt good reappeared briefly in my life again. The person that gives me these feelings of bliss only needs to smile for me to be happy and I keep noticing that the time has a habit of seemingly standing still. I know now that I'm not the only person who feels this. I do in fact feel extra special this evening and just maybe that's why I am still awake, as my energy levels etc are peaking still.

I would never want this person to change for me, she has made some changes in her life. I think they are one's she felt she needed to make and I feel some are for the better. I really don't care about my own happiness because if she's happy then I know I will be too. When she's hurt I have been able to sometimes sense her pain, that has freaked me out a bit too.

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