Saturday, September 19, 2009

... the world goes on...

I am happy with my life at this time, even though I'm single and seemingly devoid of love I know that there are those out there that care about me and cherish me. The last few days for example would've been rather hellish for the old me, whereas the new me just smiles and continues to dance to the songs on the radio.

Been really enjoying the sounds of so many different artists lately, my music taste is so wide that if it was water it would be the Atlantic Ocean. I don't listen to certain things very often as I'm more a mood person and lately most of my music has been up beat or really loud. The long guitar riffs are also a favourite sound as are beefy drums.

Lately too I've been in one of my more creative moods, which doesn't help when you work hard all day long and have so many other things going on. I don't have the time to draw, barely have the time to write sometimes too. When the creative juices are flowing at times it's hard to stop them because it can be so distracting from whatever task I'm doing at the time.

Smiling is something I am doing far more often and the credit for my happiness and current state of well being can all be directed to one very special amazing wonderful gorgeous person.

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