Friday, September 25, 2009

just a few thoughts....

I'm currently laying on my bed listening to a bit of music, talking with a friend and contemplating the world.

I guess looking back through my life I can honestly say so far it has been a bumpy ride which has taken me to hell and back, the irony of it all is the fact Marilyn Manson wrote a song called "Long Hard Road Outta Hell" and now I can totally understand what he meant. No matter how far you drive away from it, the cold hard fact is it sits there right behind you.

Thankfully for me the long road out has been illuminated by someone who means a great deal to me, they continue to be my help, drive & inspiration. Whenever the road is hard & tough all I need to do is think of what this person means to me & I feel myself lifting up & moving forward more & more each day....

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