Monday, September 14, 2009

Like ... WOW

On the weekend I went to a final for a winter sport and the funny thing was the weather was more suited to a summer sport... then woke up this morning and the roof of my car had ice on it but I could've gotten sunburned if I was outside this afternoon.

I've been really happy the last couple days as well, so much so that the little things that usually tend to bother or maybe upset me had zero effect on me. I did have this way awesome dream last night as I woke up feeling somewhat euphoric (there is a word for you too look up if you don't know it). I don't actually remember the content or nature of the dream but guaging my feelings I would hazard a guess and say one particular person featured in that dream quite significantly.

I have a few aches and pains from the weekend, mainly a sore ankle which was hit by a cricket ball - and is a little bit bruised at this time. It was made a bit more annoying by my work boots which rub it constantly but it hasn't stopped me feeling good or smiling.

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