Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Philosophically Speaking...

As someone who has been down many roads throught my lifetime I can say that I have personally been to hell and back on many occassions. Some of these have been life changing experiences that have scarred me for a lifetime however as I have walked along the road I have move past these to a new challenge.

Recently I ventured off the road and started climbing the stairway, the higher I climbed the better I felt - and as it turned out I had found the stairway to heaven. I walk it alone at this time but I'm pretty sure that someone out there is watching me climb it and wants to join in. I'm not afraid of heights so I can continue to go up - I don't want to look back because I know the demons in my past are there and are willing to drag me back into the darkness that lives along the road.

Even now I can feel and aura and presence about me that is warm and comforting and I really like the simplistic nature of it all. My thoughts continue to dance in my head and contain many things but more and more they are of the happy things in my life, the good times that brought a warm smile to my face.. these I never want to forget. Lately I've been blessed by having the ability to block out the bad things when times feel darkest and I fear that I'm at my most vulnerable.

The continued negativity and despair others radiate toward me is also deflected by this sense of inner calm. I really don't know what is happening but I feel that I'm going thru what could only be portrayed as euphoria within my mind, body and soul..... :)

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