Sunday, February 7, 2010

yudda yudda yudda

Time for some rather random ramblings, I have to admit these last few weeks have been pretty weird but I have been quite happy throughout them, considering that they have had a bit of pain & suffering I am feeling amazing.

For about a month I have had a bad toothache in a couple of my wisdom teeth which of course makes eating painful at times. Then there is my back which I have strained some muscles, I keep just plodding along and doing what I can just to keep the ball rolling so to speak.  I have an infection in a finger and have had that about a week and a half, but most recently I hurt my big toe.

I was playing cricket and got hit on the end of the toe by the cricket ball, it really hurt & I said a few unsavoury words and then got back to playing the game.  After I took my shoe off & the end of my sock had a dark red circle, so I knew that it had done some damage and then took the sock off.  The toe nail had torn and split and had a bit of blood over it, I know it was really sore and my instinct was to go and get it checked out at the hospital - well I did that and I will be going back today for an X-ray as the doctor thinks I may've fractured my big toe... OUCH is all I can say really.

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