Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fare the well...

This evening I went to a dinner for a couple of friends who are moving away because one's mum is really sick and they are moving to help look after her.  The evening was rather solemn too because some of the other friend buried an uncle today and was already rather sad.  I had a quiet and respectful evening talking with friends and mingling yet all the while I could feel the sadness welling in my mind.

More of my friends were going away, albiet they weren't close but they were good friends I will miss them both and their gorgeous little baby who is always so very cute and so full of energy.  Having worked with the guy for 5 years and having been friends with him and having many friends in the same circles was good but we all know that they both will be sadly missed by a lot of people. I know they are moving for a good reason but even so it hurts to see friends go and of course it does remind me of old wounds that are always going to be open but the more I have to deal with this kind of thing the easier it is becoming.

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