Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is LOVE...

Is it just knowing that you care about someone who also cares about you? I honestly think not, I think love is much more than that... it is understanding, tolerance, forgiveness and many more things that just seem to make things somewhat heavenly.

Love isn't just something you can truly express in words, sure they help but to be honest words never really can fully describe the euphoria one feels.  I mean everyone says how the melt when their special person looks at them or they talk to them but sometimes it isn't even that which gets people to melt it is just knowing that the person cares about you that warms your heart and causes a billion butterflies to rise and fall in your stomach.

I've heard stories of love at first sight and to be honest I do think it exists but as yet I'm to experience it, I have felt strong attractions to women before and was even willing to take that big step with one of them but alas she turned into a toad and hopped away with who she considered to be her prince at the time.  I'm sure everyone has gone through that too, feeling like you have found the one only to be proven wrong because that person was only interested in themselves and not really the symbiotic being you long for.

I've even been in a relationship where I can 'sense' that my other half is hurting or upset about something and I do my best to make them smile or happy. If I can be with them then I give them the simple things they so thoroughly deserve - hugs and kisses and let them feel loved because sometimes saying you love somebody isn't enough and they do say that actions can speak louder than words.  I honestly think that personal contact in a relationship is important as you share and emotional and sometimes psychic bond but these need the reinforcement of a physical bond. 

Just simply holding her hand can tell her that you are there for her, without even using those reassuring words.  As she sits with your arms wrapped around her she can feel safe and protected and will know that while you are there with her safety and well-being is always your first thought.  Letting her rest her head on your shoulder tells her simply that you're there to support her and watch over her even while she is sleeping in your arms.  Letting her lay her head on your chest shows her you will comfort her when she needs it and the reassuring beats of your heart tell her that she is loved, and also respected.

Giving simple gifts and trinkets without wanting anything in return can mean that you see no material value in what you give them for the true value comes from within your heart.  Forsaking your own health, welfare & safety is something many people are known to do because they've assessed the options and found the risk of losing the person they care for too great, some have even become suicidal when they have lost that one person that they felt was their one true love. 

To show this I will move to a recent literary masterpiece from the Twilight saga.  Edward thinking his beloved Bella is dead decides that he cannot live his own immortal life without her because the pain he would feel is far greater than that of death itself.  He first asks to be killed then once that has been denied decides to try and force his nobles hand and make them kill him.  Luckily this doesn't happen and I shall leave the details out for those who haven't read the book or seen the recent movie "New Moon".

Remember this simple phrase.... LOVE IS...

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