Friday, December 11, 2009

so very over all this

I've had enough of everything here & seriously need to get away not just to relax but to save myself & what remains of my sanity. 

Work is total bedlam with management wanting 3 full weeks of work out in just 1 before we take our christmas break.  My area which I work in has been operating at 66% of it's required staf capacity to ensure an effective work flow for 9 months, so far we have been screaming for full staffing for all that time. Management gave us some staff part time, and said that will do - oh it helps but there are 3 weeks of work to be done and we still have to prepare our own works which means we double that to 6 weeks.  The biggest most comprehensive job we've ever have undertaken for the product we make is currently underway and the time frame was tight normally - however the continued mismanagement has pushed that date further and further back.

That's just one of the things that has me working my butt off, of course I've been working long hours generally starting at 0630 and finishing at 1630 most of the time, have had some 0600 starts and 1730 finishes though which makes it frustrating as well.when you have meetings and other things you normally attend after work. Even they clash at times & that also makes life troublesome so I try to work out which is more important or has me in a more vital role.  It's not easy doing all these things I guess I would liken it to juggling a couple chainsaws.

I guess that can do for now as I really need to think about nice things to relax

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