Thursday, November 12, 2009

it's so darn hot...

So far I have started work early every day this week and by early I mean 6:30am people... that isn't my normal start time, normally it is 7:45am.  I finish work usually at 4:30pm but this week generally I am lucky if I am out by 4:45pm, with some days finishing at 5pm. Add onto those hours the fact the temperature each day has been 40 degrees centigrade and you get one very hot tired n cranky person.

The last day or 2 I've been rather snappy at a few people and not as tolerant as normal even when people are just joking around which is totally unusual for me really.  I love to joke around n have fun like everyone else but the heat and the fact I've been working hard and am more tired than a one legged guy after a butt kicking contest doesn't help me feel any better.

Caring about people, missing them and having other friends and family seemingly ignore you also makes life a little bit more of a challenge but I have been fighting the bad thoughts and feelings pretty well this week thanks to a little message from a very special friend who has helped me get thru the bad times a bit better than normal.

Naturally work is only one small part of the things I must organise and do, there are sports grounds to prepare... newsletters to edit and layout as well as webpages and sports administration to take care of not to forget the Fire Brigade duties of Communications Officer, all of these things have me running around like a chicken that got the chop...

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