Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today happens to be my birthday and although I am supposed to be happy and excited I don't feel like it.  Probably because I'm feeling really sick, somebody gave me a nasty virus as an early birthday present so I spent yesterday laying in bed... or visiting the toilet... or putting in fluids.

I was pretty much alone all day yesterday because this virus is so nasty and I don't want anybody else to get it coz I'd feel horrible knowing I'd passed it on.  I feel bad enough now, to be totally honest I feel like I was run over by a big Steamroller (like you sometimes see in old cartoons).  I honestly hate being sick and don't like being on my own when I am but for now it's more a case of gotta be. I came online coz it's my only contact with the outside world at this time and alas none of my friends are here.

I still have a fever, am in bed fully clothed and got 2 doonas on me as well as the heater on in the room coz I feel cold. I've vomitted a few times and also suffered a bit of diahorrea.... which isn't nice either when they try and join forces on you at the same time.  I know that sounds pretty gross, it is a lot worse than it sounds believe me... I have to put up with the whole lot.

I had 2 phone calls today from family members wishing me a Happy Birthday - they knew I was sick and one nephew asked if he woke me up - thankfully I was already awake but feeling like death warmed up.  I got some of my birthday presents a little early which is good coz then they didn't have to come here and give them to me today (and risk catching this stupid nasty virus)

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