Sunday, October 18, 2009

My dreams... an analysis

A recent dream indicated to me that I feel somewhat helpless about a certain subject, whilst also punishing myself for something as well.  In the same dream it seems I feel as though I'm unable to move forward from my current situation in relation to an issue, most likely the same thing as before.

Another aspect of the dream seemingly says that I want to escape something in my current life because I feel trapped by parts of it... I know that there are a variety of issues effecting me & I'm working hard to be able to remove some of these barriers so as to make life more enjoyable.

A previous dream was also strong and vivid....  It was a dream that had many aspects and a lot of fun.  In analysis using an online system I found that I'm willing to give or get joy or pleasure from people.  This dream involved sexual relations and it seems I'm dissatisfied with the physical side of a current relationship or it's a show of a repressed sexual desire, or need for physical or emotional love from this person.  The dream had a lot of hugging and that is supposedly an indicator of your caring nature and that you're holding something dear to you heart.

While kissing in the dream denotes love and affection but can also include tranquility or contenment. While playing a game can show your relaxed it can also show you're being competitive too.  While the playing of a video game can signify the stresses in your real life that you wish to escape at this time.

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