Saturday, June 6, 2009


I try but cannot break free from the encompassing darkness,
Swimming endlessly, I find I’m drowning in a sea of sorrow,
I’m buffeted and hit by wave, upon relentless wave of despair,
Wanting to give up to the black, to not face another tomorrow,

Triumphantly it overcomes me and I surrender myself to it,
On my downward path where there in no warmth in sight,
I feel your radiance reaching down, trying to grab my hand,
As your words and feeling work to bring me toward your light,

I again feel myself now at the surface struggling once more,
Swimming with all my might for dear life, trying to break free,
Your soft words and gentle persuasion drive me further on,
With all your compassion and gentle heart, you try to save me,

In my mind I see your beautiful soft face and your loving eyes,
All the while wanting to feel the warmth of your arms in mine,
Slowly a smile breaks from deep within and shines upon the surface,
Does this now mean that I will again be happy, cheerful and fine?

Tired, I slowly fall into a somewhat restless and erratic slumber,
The demons in my mind running amok causing me nightmares,
Here so very far away from your caring, warmth and compassion,
I have to fight alone with all my darkest fears, as if nobody cares,

Gradually my happiness is erased from my very thoughts and dreams,
I awaken, somewhat shaken by the dream and start to softly weep,
Again, your angelic words rain down on me, as if from heaven above,
Returning me to comfort where again I can find a restful sleep,

This time your warmth and comfort endures and the dreams vanish,
Somehow you have helped me, beyond the miles we are apart,
Your strength caring and conviction hold my fragile slumber in tact,
And I awaken rejuvenated, by the fact I love you with all my heart.

That is an original poem written by me and inspired by someone very special to me.

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