Saturday, March 20, 2010

what the............

I've been busy with work for several weeks mainly because I am carrying 2 injuries that require surgery.. one is a hernia ( a tear in the weakened wall of my abdomen has allowed my intestines to pass thru it) which is pretty painful and I am able to provide it some relief by laying down on my back or side.  I have spent all day doing this and it hasn't done that much at all and I feel like I am so useless right now too.

Put the fact that I have been busting my gut at work (pardon the pun there too people) so as to get the area I work in running better.  Long hours and horrible conditions would normally entitle you to a better wage but with work they don't wanna pay me extra so I think they are just being a pain in the ass.  This is one thing that continues to bite with me especially when unproven workers are coming in off the street and getting more money than I am.

I also need more work done on my partially amputated right index finger, this will require the removal of a small portion of bone that was intentionally left by another surgeon.  This piece of bone is causing issues with splits, cracks and bone spurs.  The easiest way to stop them is to take it out fully which the surgeon who is doing the repair said should've been done in the first place

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