Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random ranting

I was asked by a friend how much I weighed - well to be honest I hadn't a clue but the last time I did weigh myself I was about 90kg.. since it was christmas I thought well I usually put on 2 or 3kg... so I added but to my surprise when I weighed myself I was 86kg and that was without doing as much exercise as I had planned due to a few days of excessive heat (almost 50 degrees centigrade). Work has been majorly busy and I have been flat out so that could be helping me with the weight loss without me realising it.

Also the other day at work I bumped my finger and that was a bad thing because it was the one that I cut the tip off... I think it might have a bone spur (which is a small bone growth coming off the end of the bone.)  If it is a bone spur then it is very highly likely that it will need to be removed and that would mean surgery - making it 3 operations in 5 years on my right hand or wrist.

My local sports team which has me as club president has their top team playing in a Grand Final in a couple weeks and I most likely will be there but not playing - my capacity will be more official than anything because winning will mean accepting a trophy and prize money so I hope the boys do well for the district.

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