Monday, December 21, 2009

La la la... Randomness

I came on yesterday with a nice blog I wanted to write, I logged in and got to the New Post screen then suddenly went blank.... Writers get Writers Block so we Bloggers must have to get what I will refer to as Blogger Block.  I had this awesome killer blog too you think I can remember what it was going to be about - even now I am like.... aww what was that Blog I wanted to write.  Anyways enough of that it's pretty much gone and I doubt I will get it back.

The one thing that really annoys me is those that manipulate and use others for their own gains, I mean praying on people is so low. Con-men are the highest level manipulators, but they are no alone for out there the world does have Con-women and they can be operating more than the men... how many guys do you know would admit a woman did them over?  Even these match-making sites prey on the gullibility of a lonely male - for they suck a guy in with all these shallow promises and on all accounts they slowly leech him dry.

I have had my credit card details stolen before and a guy joined one of those sights using my details but he was never caught and I was out of pocket $3000 coz the company ran my car up to its limit in 4 days.  I was in the Army and not even home or using my card when it occurred but that is life and now things have been changed to better protect us.

Speaking of protection many adults are highly protective of their children or nieces and nephews, I know I am and the thing that shocks me is when other families have issues and bad things happen as it shows the system that some parents are truly bad.  What is worse is when things get reported to the Authorities and they don't act and something bad ends up happening - like last year in Adelaide 3 kids died from malnutrition even after repeated warnings from the public to the Authorities.

I mean I know a lady whose house is full or cockroaches and other bugs, her backyard is full of weeds and dry grass which is a haven for snakes and her dogs are hungry and in need of better care.  There is a dead tree in the middle of the yard and already several smaller limbs have broken off but what happens a big one breaks off?  She has a 4 year old son who plays in that yard and a tree limb thicker than a mans arm falling several metres would be enough to kill him.

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